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General Enquiries
For all user enquiries, directory information, website help, user guidance and general information. 0345 226 7373

Advertising Enquiries
For all advertising related enquiries, to place an advert, update your adverts and other advertisers enquiries. 01984 667828

All Email Enquiries
Alternatively you can email us your enquiry or questions via our online form, ideal if out of office hours. Email Form

Calls to 0345 numbers are charged for at the same rate as standard 01/02 numbers and are also included in many inclusive call minute packages from land lines and mobiles.

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Office Opening Times
Monday - Friday 9.00am - 5.30pm
Saturday 9.00am - 12.00 Midday

Office Closing Times
We are closed for all UK bank holidays and the following annual breaks...
Spring 2020 - 1st - 8th June
Summer 2020 - 7th - 14th Sept
Christmas 2020 - 23rd Dec - 4th Jan

Office Postal Address
.................... Dept
Hawkins Barton
Combe Florey
Somerset TA4 3JD

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Card Payments
We are able to take payments via most of the major credit and debit cards please phone with your card details.

Online Banking
You can pay directly though your bank using the following account details.
Account Name. Villagefetes
Account No. 02049112
Sort Code. 60-80-06
Please use your account number that is provided on your invoice as reference.

Yes, we still accept cheques!
Please make payable to "Villagefetes" and for reference please put your name, address and account number on the back or on any remittance slip.

Standard rate value added tax is applied to all our advertising prices and related website services fees.
Registration No: 811 2282 71

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Last Edited: 12/05/2020

We are currently in the process of updating our cookie policy to comply with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). Please call 0345 226 7373 should you need more information.

1. When referring to 'sites', 'website' or 'websites'... we are referring to one or all of the following websites,,,,, and
2. When referring to 'Villagefetes'... we are referring to the business that owns the websites above (1).

About Cookies
A cookie is a small file containing anonymous text and numeric information about user's internet browsing habits, typical personal data includes user preferences, IP Address and websites visited. Cookies are stored in the browser cache on your computer hard drive or mobile device when you visit a website or give your consent to use optional cookies. However, it is important to note that it is technically impossible for cookies to browse through or scan a user's computer, snoop on a user or dig for private and personal information on computer hard drives or devices.

Why We Use Cookies
Cookies are used to enhance your experience of using this website, cookies remember your browsing preferences for that session, keep your settings for your next visit, help us to understand how users interact with our services, the effectiveness of our directory listing advertisements, help us to make improvements to the website and display the correct content based upon your preferences.

Our Cookie Policy
At FlexYourPlastic we value your privacy and it is our policy to keep where possible the use of optional non-essential cookies to an absolute minimum, our required cookies are only used to ensure that this website works and functions as intended. We do not use cookies to obtain intrusive personal or private information about user's nor do we track what users are doing elsewhere on the internet, however as set out below some optional cookies may.

Giving Your Consent
Upon first visiting this website users will be greeted by our cookie consent widget which will appear at the bottom or center of your computer or device screen and will request your consent to allow cookies to be placed on your computer hard drive or mobile device. Required cookies including 'Strictly Necessary', 'Functional' and from 'Trusted Affiliate Networks' will be set by default as stated in our website terms of use if you continue to use this website or click the 'Accept Cookies' button. Additionally upon accepting cookies optional 'Performance', 'Third Party' and 'Targeting' cookies may be set from companies who may track and process your personal data to enhance your experience of their services.

Withdrawing Your Consent
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More Information
To find out more about cookies, including how to see what cookies have been set and how to manage and delete them, visit Further information regarding this policy can be requested from us via any of the contact methods located on our contact us page.

Required Cookies Information

Please note: Consenting to Strictly Necessary, Functional and Trusted Affiliate Networks cookies is a condition of using this website, if you choose to block the required cookies listed below you are effectively not accepting our terms of use and therefor must stop using this website and all related services.

Strictly Necessary Cookies: These cookies are essential for you to move around the website and for some of our website services to function properly. Without these cookies secure features such as payment baskets would not work. Commonly known as session cookies these cookies do not collect information about you that could be used for advertising or marketing purposes and are nearly always deleted as soon as you close your browser.

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Trusted Affiliate Network Cookies: Some of our advertisers use a trusted third party to monitor the performance and effectiveness of their online advertising campaigns, when you click though to the advertisers website the trusted third party will place a cookie on your computer hard drive. This cookie will not collect any information that could identify you but measures the effectiveness of our advertising and monitor any resulting sales for that particular advertiser.

Required Cookie Category Cookie Name Purpose
Strictly Necessary cookies-enabled

This cookie is set when you first visit FlexYourPlastic to determine whether or not you are blocking cookies via your browser settings. This website cannot obtain your consent to cookies if they are blocked, an alert notice will advise you to adjust your settings.


This cookie is set when you click 'Accept Cookies' via our cookie consent widget or 'Update Consent' on this page, it tells this website which optional cookies you have given consent to be set.


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Functional pmd_template

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Stores information about the current logged in user which is used for "Remember Me" functions. Contains a numeric user ID and an encrypted string to authenticate the user.

Trusted Affiliate Networks awin1

Affiliate Window cookie records the effectiveness of our advertisers advertising campaigns.
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Affiliate Future cookie records the effectiveness of our advertisers advertising campaigns.
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Webgains cookie records the effectiveness of our advertisers advertising campaigns.
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Tradedoubler cookie records the effectiveness of our advertisers advertising campaigns.
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Paidonresults cookie records the effectiveness of our advertisers advertising campaigns.
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Optional Cookies Information

Please note: Consenting to 'Performance and Analytical', 'Third Party' and 'Targeting and Advertising' cookies is optional and not a condition of using this website, however if you choose to block the cookies listed below you may find that some content items may not function correctly or become unavailable .

Performance and Analytical Cookies: This website also uses performance and analytical (third party ) services to learn about the pages you visit and how you use our website, this helps us get a clear picture of how users use this website, where users came from and exited. This enables Villagefetes to make improvements, find errors, enhance your experience of using this website and improve performance for users.

Third Party Cookies: These cookies are placed on your computers hard drive by third parties who provide embedded content such as Google maps, social networks and social sharing services when you use 'Like' and 'Share' buttons on the website, the cookie may also log that you have visited this website, your settings and some personal data i.e IP address.

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Optional Cookie Category Cookie Name Purpose
Performance and Analytical _utma

Google Analytics cookies are used to collect information about how visitors use our site. We use the information to compile reports and to help us improve the site. The cookies collect information in an anonymous form, including the number of visitors to the site, where visitors have come to the site from and the pages they visited.
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Third Party __stid

ShareThis provides our social share utility and provides us with data about how many users are sharing our content with social networks such as Facebook and allows the social sharing functionality to work. ShareThis may also collect trend data for the purpose of providing interest-based social advertising. You can opt out via the link below.
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