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Birds and Bees - Attract more wildlife to your garden & turn it into an ecological Eden by placeing insect hotels in your garden for shelter. We also sell a range of seed mixes to provide the right balance of nutrition for our garden birds at different times of the year.

Chemist - We are a leading pharmacy offering a range of top brand pet care products & medicines at superb prices. Keep your pets happy & healthy with our range of pet care products for cats & dogs, horses & small animals from flea & tick to vitamins & supplements.

Chemist Direct - As a pet owner you'll know your furry friend's health is just as important as yours so that is why we stock an extensive range of carefully selected pet products to keep them happy and healthy. From flea & tick treatments to worming for both cats & dogs.

Christies Direct - Suppliers of animal grooming products and pet accessories. Our aim is to be the one stop shop for all your animal needs. We go searching for the best bathing products, clippers & trimmers, grooming products, tools & salon accessories so you won't have to.

CJ Wildlife - We stock a wide selection of high quality foods, feeders, nest boxes, water dishes, books, binoculars and multi-media items to help you learn how to care for the wildlife, birds and insects around them and bring more wild birds & animals into your garden.

Crocus - It is important to look after the wildlife in your garden, after all the birds, hedgehogs and toads help keep the bugs down while the bees and butterflies help pollinate our flowers, Our range includes feeders, food, bird and insect houses to baths.

Doggie Solutions - We sell a wide range of high quality dog and cat products to choose from, including memory foam dog beds and dog crates to collars and leads as well as a wide range of dog and cat toys. We are positive you will find something your dog & cat will adore.

Garden Bird and Wildlife Co - For all you people out there that like to see our birds and wildlife well fed and cared for all year round we have a range bird seeds, suet to live food and nest boxes for all size birds to an extensive rangoe of wildlife houses and food mixes.

Greyhound Megastore - We provide much needed supplies to the owners of greyhounds, whippets, Italian greyhounds, lurchers and other hounds. We have developed an excellent reputation for both the quality of the items we sell and the prices we sell them at. We supply products fo

Pet and Country - Treat yourself and your pets to the unique lifestyle products we supply, from shampoos, to the correct food diet, or a suitable collar and harness, there is a fantastic selection to choose from. We are constantly adding new ranges of products.