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Aneros Progasm Junior Prostate Massager

Summary Details: Faithful to its namesake, progasm jr'. '.strtoupper('p')roduces the same robust prostate massages of the progasm classic, while its smaller scale is ideal for regular use'. '.strtoupper('p')rogasm jr'. '.strtoupper('u')tilizes the same environmentally frie...
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  • Price:£44.95
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  • Total Cost:£44.95

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Faithful to its namesake, progasm jr'. '.strtoupper('p')roduces the same robust prostate massages of the progasm classic, while its smaller scale is ideal for regular use'. '.strtoupper('p')rogasm jr'. '.strtoupper('u')tilizes the same environmentally friendly, state of the art manufacturing process as the progasm black ice.the progasm jr'. '.strtoupper('h')as an upright body with a large, angled head for intense prostate stimulation and with regular use, a man can achieve strong, continuous full body orgasms previously unattainable through conventional sexual techniques'. '.strtoupper('t')hese orgasms are so earth shattering that they deserve a special nickname ndash, the super orgasm, or as our enthusiasts prefer, the ldquo,super o.rdquo, a super o is entirely different from a traditional penile orgasm ndash, it is characterized by pleasure starting from the lower abdomen that awashes the entire body in a state of bliss.the man does not ejaculate during a super o'. '.strtoupper('t')his means there is no ldquo,rechargingrdquo, or ldquo,time outrdquo, period needed'. '.strtoupper('t')hrough practice, a man can have these orgasms, one after the other during sessions lasting for an hour or more at a time'. '.strtoupper('e')ven short sessions can feel long as our customers have reported that during super o sessions their ldquo,beds shake uncontrollablyrdquo, and they ldquo,lose all track and sense of time.rdquo,anerosreg, male g spot stimulator instructionsaneros male g spot stimulators remain the only patented devices of their kind'. '.strtoupper('t')heir proven hands free self pivoting design simultaneously massages the male g spot and the perineum creating intense orgasms'. '.strtoupper('a')neros products are a wonderful addition to your sex life, with your lover or out on your own.preparation1'. '.strtoupper('w')ash your massager with warm soapy water before and after every use.2'. '.strtoupper('a')pply adequate lubricant to the massager and lie on your side.session1'. '.strtoupper('k')eeping the lower leg straight, bring your top knee to your stomach.2'. '.strtoupper('s')lowly insert the massager, positioning the perineum tab against the area between the anus and the scrotum perineum.3'. '.strtoupper('r')elax mentally and physically, allowing your body to become accustomed to the massager'. '.strtoupper('b')reathe deeply, releasing tension and focusing on the new sensations.4'. '.strtoupper('c')ontract and relax the sphincter muscle as slowly as possible'. '.strtoupper('y')our massager will automatically massage the male g spot'. '.strtoupper('a')s the sensations build, you may wish to increase the frequency and intensity of the contractions.advanced1'. '.strtoupper('f')or best results, use only the muscular contractions of the sphincter to move your massager back and forth, do not apply manual pressure.2'. '.strtoupper('v')isit our online forum at forum for more tips and helpful information from the entire aneros community.

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