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Panasonic Lumix Fz330 Bridge Camera Black Black

Summary Details: Top features versatile zoom lens helps you take up close shots of distant subjects high sensitivity sensor gives you enhanced image quality stunning 4k moments in video or still images large, flexible screen for easy framing, even in direct sunlightversati...
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Top features versatile zoom lens helps you take up close shots of distant subjects high sensitivity sensor gives you enhanced image quality stunning 4k moments in video or still images large, flexible screen for easy framing, even in direct sunlightversatile zoom lenswith its 25 600 mm leica zoom lens, the panasonic lumix fz330 bridge camera helps you to take up close shots of distant subjects, whether you're watching animals on your holidays or framing spectacular'll be able to take clear, sharp low light images throughout the zoom range thanks to its f 2.8 aperture, allowing for exposures that preserve the atmosphere of each scene more faithfully. The lens' nano surface coating enables a very low reflectance ratio and maintains clarity by minimising flaring and ghosting.high sensitivity sensorthe panasonic dmc fz330 features a 12.1 megapixel mos sensor that teams with a venus engine to give you enhanced image quality and faster processing.the camera offers sensitivity up to iso6400, with a superior noise reduction system that allows for crisp shooting even when conditions are dim. Diffraction compensation maintains clarity even if you're shooting with a small aperture.stunning 4k momentsit's now possible to capture those memorable moments in 4k ultra hd video at 25 fps, preserving your memories in gorgeously lifelike form. Use the 4k photo feature to easily extract the best frame from a video sequence, saving it as an 8 megapixel equivalent still image.large, flexible screen for easy framingwith its high resolution oled live view finder, the dmc fz330 gives you great visibility over each scene, even when you're shooting in direct sunlight. View image details clearly thanks to its high 0.7x magnification and get the results you want since all your settings are displayed right in front of your eye.there's also a big 3” rear monitor that also offers a high resolution view and anti glare technology. You'll be able to tilt and swivel it to overcome tricky shooting angles or achieve unusual perspectives without losing control of the camera. It's a touchscreen, so you can focus on subjects and even release the shutter by simply touching the display.image stabilisationthe camera features 5 axis hybrid correction and tilt correction for blur free one handed video recording. It will detect and compensate for five types of movement horizontal, vertical, axis of rotation, vertical rotation and horizontal rotation.there's a level shot function which finds the image's horizontal line and keeps it steady, even if the camera tilts. You can even shoot stable looking videos in high angle situations where you can't see clearly.raw capabilitiesyou'll be able to capture photos in raw format and even process them in camera, with settings including white balance, exposure compensation, photo style, noise reduction, intelligent resolution, and sharpness.more memory for your bridge camerait is important to have the right memory card for your camera. The memory card will determine how fast an image is saved and how fast an image is uploaded.if you're shooting high definition videos along with high resolution images then it's best to invest in a high performance memory card. A high performance memory card will get the best out of your photography, ensuring the best continuous shooting speed and high quality data capture.

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