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Kerastase Genesis Regime For Normal To Oily Hair

Summary Details: Parisian haircare brand kérastase’s new genesis range caters to weak, distressed locks prone to hair fall caused by breakage'. '.strtoupper('c')ombining a comprehensive regime of five treatments to cleanse, condition, protect and strengthen, the product...
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Parisian haircare brand kérastase’s new genesis range caters to weak, distressed locks prone to hair fall caused by breakage'. '.strtoupper('c')ombining a comprehensive regime of five treatments to cleanse, condition, protect and strengthen, the products unleash a powerful cocktail of ingredients and technologies engineered to fortify and nourish brittle tresses by reinforcing the hair fibre'. '.strtoupper('r')egain that head turning mane that’s resilient, healthy and silky smooth'. '.strtoupper('a')imed at normal to oily hair types'. '.strtoupper('t')he set contains genesis bain hydra fortifiant shampoo 250ml a shampoo specially formulated for those that suffer from weak hair, that helps to strengthen your strands for a healthier appearance'. '.strtoupper('w')orking to prevent breakage and falling, locks will seem smoother and fuller with up to 80.9% fewer strands being broken and lost'. '.strtoupper('a')dded ginger root, aquaxyl and edelweiss native cells help to gently cleanse away dirt and build ups whilst encouraging fibres to resist physical damage and tearing'. '.strtoupper('k')eeping your scalp clear and feeling healthier, the shampoo provides you with the ideal environment to nurture a shiny head of hair'. '.strtoupper('g')enesis fondant reinforcateur conditioner 200ml an anti fall, strengthening conditioner is enriched with ginger root and edelweiss native cells, reinforcing your hair’s natural resistance to hair fall'. '.strtoupper('a') powerful blend of ingredients help to reduce hair fall by up to 97.7%, leaving locks stronger and softer'. '.strtoupper('g')enesis defense thermique treatment 150ml a protective, nourishing product that locks in that enviable healthy appearance'. '.strtoupper('w')hether your strands are weak or fall easily, the treatment means your blow drying causes less damage thanks to its protective heat shield'. '.strtoupper('w')ith aquaxyl, edelweiss native cells and ginger root, your hair will receive a burst of up to 88% hydration for a frizz free look for up to 24 hours'. '.strtoupper('l')ightweight, the treatment doesn’t weigh down your strands, keeping your mane full bodied with plenty of volume'. '.strtoupper('h')air will be more manageable with fewer tangles, making brushing easier and less likely to cause breakage'. '.strtoupper('g')enesis ampoules cure fortifiantes anti chute 10 x 60ml a silky, jelly like formula that creates a veil of protection against harsh external aggressors, defending against further damage'. '.strtoupper('t')he capsules utilise the benefits of the genesis system, a precise cocktail of ingredients renowned for replenishing coarse, weakened hair'. '.strtoupper('t')he blend is infused with powerful edelweiss flower extract, renowned for emphasising the look of shinier, healthier hair'. '.strtoupper('c')ombined with stimulating ginger root and invigorating aminexil, the clever concoction helps to add vibrancy and volume'. '.strtoupper('g')enesis serum anti chute fortifiant hair serum 90ml to be used daily, this nourishing formula works to increase resilience in weakened, lack lustre strands, giving the illusion of a fuller, healthy looking head of hair'. '.strtoupper('a') host of beneficial ingredients release ultra nurturing properties, helping fortify locks from the scalp through to the ends'. '.strtoupper('t')he expert fusion of edelweiss native cells, ginger root and aminexil combine to fight dryness and improves fibre resistance, in turn contributing to the reduction of hair fall'. '.strtoupper('s')trands are left supple, stronger and silky smooth to touch.

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