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Kerastase Aura Botanica Bain Micellaire Riche Nourishing Micellar Shampoo 250ml

Summary Details: Kerastase unleashes the wild, beautifully healthy looking hair you have always wanted'! '.strtoupper('t')o reveal your healthy glow, kerastase has put science at the service of nature with an expanded range containing active ingredients found in nature'. '...
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Kerastase unleashes the wild, beautifully healthy looking hair you have always wanted'! '.strtoupper('t')o reveal your healthy glow, kerastase has put science at the service of nature with an expanded range containing active ingredients found in nature'. '.strtoupper('e')ach ingredient has been specifically chosen and carefully incorporated into a range containing 6 different natural ingredients'. '.strtoupper('r')esponsibly sourced ingredients'. '.strtoupper('h')igh fibre affinity'. '.strtoupper('a')dapted to all hair types'. '.strtoupper('v')ibrant and full of life'. '.strtoupper('w')eightless and with less frizz'. '.strtoupper('n')ourished with a nude, uncoated touch hair appears to glow from within'. '.strtoupper('y')our hair deserves products that will enhance and not alter its natural beauty'. '.strtoupper('p')roducts designed to leave your hair at its best incredibly soft, bouncy and glowing'. '.strtoupper('a')ura botanica formulas contain up to 99% naturally derived ingredients'. '.strtoupper('n')ature continues to seduce with sumptuous textures, aromatic fine fragrance, sustainable packaging and spa inspired rituals'. '.strtoupper('n')ow with four new products to nourish, strengthen and restore very dry, dull or unruly hair'. '.strtoupper('a')dding smoothness and control to what has become the aura botanica signature'. '.strtoupper('a') rich and nourishing shampoo that provides 48 hours of deep durable nutrition to limp dry hair'. '.strtoupper('t')his 96% natural origin formula infuses hair with deeply hydrating but never heavy moisture'. '.strtoupper('n')o parabens, no silicones, no sulphates yet an airy and abundant lather when applied to wet hair'. '.strtoupper('o')nce rinsed, the hair feels naked'. '.strtoupper('t')his is entirely normal it will quickly absorb all the nutrition and softening agents provided by the soin fondamental conditioner'. '.strtoupper('t')he remaining 4% are to ensure olfactory, sensorial quality and product stability'. '.strtoupper('t')o use apply the shampoo to wet hair, and massage well to release its rich, airy lather and aromatic fragrance'. '.strtoupper('r')inse well'. '.strtoupper('p')erform two shampoos before proceeding to soin fondamental conditioner'. '.strtoupper('i')ngredients aqua water, decyl glucoside, sodium lauroyl sarcosinate, coco betaine, glyceryl oleate, sodium cocoyl isethionate, sodium chloride, hydroxypropyl guar hydroxypropyltrimonium chloride, sodium benzoate, citric acid, salicylic acid, hydrogenated coconut acid, sodium isethionate, caramel, linalool, citronellol, bertholletia excelsa seed oil, oryza sativa bran oil rice bran oil, hydrogenated palm glycerides citrate, lecithin, tocopherol, ascorbyl palmitate, sodium hydroxide, parfum fragrance today, more than ever, the world needs care responsible and sustainable care'. '.strtoupper('s')ince 2013, kerastase has resolved to extend its expertise in the art of care by committing to using less virgin plastic'. '.strtoupper('d')rawing on their excellence in innovation, finding new ways to cut down on waste and empower their customers to make more sustainable choices'. '.strtoupper('k')erastase is committed to optimising packaging whenever possible, using less virgin materials and more recycled materials, recyclable packaging and refillable delivery systems'. '.strtoupper('b')eginning with shampoo bottles and branching out to more and more products, they are creating a sustainable packaging program, with many more refill innovations to follow'. '.strtoupper('k')erastase is also committed to more sustainable production and since 2019 their factory in burgos, spain has achieved carbon neutrality by improving energy efficiency and using 100% renewable energy'. '.strtoupper('s')ince 2017 the burgos production facility has also been a 'waterloop' factory'. '.strtoupper('t')his means that 100% of the water used for production processes is recycled and reused in a closed loop'. '.strtoupper('t')he external water network is only used in the composition of the products or for employee's day to day needs.

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